About Tyme

A place that nurtures the curiosity for technology, art, humans and nature.

A Curious Place, The Story.

(This is more of an extract; "The Story" just sounds dramatic)

Hello, I'm James, the founder.

Tyme Studio began in 2022, being a curious, ambitious individual, it was only a matter of time before I embarked on my adventure in the "agency" world. The seven years of agency life have taught me immensely, and I'm forever grateful for my learnings and mentors. Tyme Studio presents a new chapter in my design career, combining my love for app and website design and creating bespoke, beautiful brands, all whilst maintaining the core principles of Tyme, which are user-infused and world-influenced. Fancy words aside, it either makes someone's life better or helps our planet- the one that we're all gravitational held to spinning around in the universe (quite an incredible thought).

A little bit of background, some light reading, shall we say.

So let's travel back to uni. I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth with a degree in graphic design. While studying, I discovered my passion for app design and landed an opportunity to work part-time at a prestigious UK app agency during my studies, which excelled me in my career very early on. Over the years, I won significant large-sum pitches at multiple agencies. And now the proud owner of Tyme, a place where we collaborate with top experts ("the technical people") to create remarkable digital products and brands.

Okay, let's end the story tyme and begin the conversation, or say hey!

Exceptional UX & UI

Where usability & aesthetics unite for an unforgettable user experience. We craft beautiful user interfaces (UI) that excel in user engagement and satisfaction.

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World Influenced

We produce for global impact, one pixel at a time. Using the power of user infused design to change the world we share positively.

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User Infused

User experience (UX) with an analytical lens. Through best practices, testing and analytics, we deliver user-first products. We respond to and evolve with our user needs.

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Tyme Presents

Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind our agency.

Picture of James, the founder of Tyme Studio.
James Seddon
Member Since 2022

Designing Human Centric Products, from Startups to Million-Dollar Companies.

Photograph of Ryan Bourne.
Ryan Bourne
Engineering Lead
Verified Partner
We collaborate with top-tier industry partners, leveraging their expertise to empower our team to deliver outstanding products.
Verified Partner

Award Winning Engineer. Building Software To Bring Positive Social Change.

Mihailo Mudrinic
Full Stack Engineer
Verified Partner
We collaborate with top-tier industry partners, leveraging their expertise to empower our team to deliver outstanding products.
Verified Partner

Empowering Innovation Through Code and Creativity.

We Deliver User-First Products

We believe in delivering exceptional user experiences that evolve with the user and the ever-changing world. Our approach is backed by user testing, analytics, and a talented team.


Data-driven insights from analytics help us optimise the user experiences and drive better results.

User Testing

We employ user testing to ensure our designs meet the needs and preferences of users.

Ryan holding the Perception app on his iPad.

Ryan Bourne

Founder of Perception

Working with Tyme Studio has reshaped our approach to projects. Their exceptional grasp of our vision and data-driven approach allowed for quick and effective changes to our app – all tailored perfectly to our users' needs. As a result, we've seen increased user retention and subscription purchases.

Transforming Ideas Into User-First Products

We create user-centric designs that make a lasting impact on your audience.