Educating Yet Simplifying the Investment World for All

A top down view of the compound app mockup on a wooden table.

Educational, Simple & Rewarding.

Compound came to us with the vision to re-think, re-imagine, and evolve what they had already come up with, challenge ideas, and find new ways to present critical information that would still be exciting to use- the kind of challenge we love!

We began this project by taking a holistic look at the prototypes already produced, outlining the pros and, most importantly, the areas where they drop off and can be re-imagined and infused with a more precise user-centric approach.

The project came to us with no brand identity or positioning, just a name, so once we had established our holistic analysis on the platform and had vital conversations with the founders, we were confident in our approach with the brand look and feel, the identity you can see here. A grounded, reliable, light and modern vibe, ready to transport a user in and help them learn about their investments whilst staying calm and having a sense of being supported- as we all know, money can become a very stressful topic!

Once we set the foundations, which included the typography, the colours, and the tone of voice, we were ready to start working in an agile approach, creating fast, iterative prototypes of our collective vision. This quick process is always so valuable from both sides of a project; it helps our clients see what they've been dreaming of, and it helps us get closer to their concept. At Tyme, we help to carve out the vision whilst factoring in our extensive knowledge and prior experience from all sectors, a beautiful collaboration.

The dynamic sheet contains educational content for compound interest when you first join the platform.
Receive the latest alerts on your account and payouts via the dynamic sheet.

To enhance the process further, we produced visuals and an interactive prototype that we demoed on calls and afterwards allowed the client to play around with in their time. Allowing our clients to digest, think and experiment with our prototypes is critical; we all have a space we like, whether that's a particular armchair in the corner of your living room or that cosy coffee shop that sells the most impeccable coffee where you transport into your thought provoked, creative, or inspired mind, we encourage that to make the end product something we're all so proud of!

Transforming Ideas Into User-First Products

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