A 24/7 community market in the lobby of your building.

The Pantree app situated on a table with various food items around.

Pantree, Your Building's 24/7 Community Market

The project scope entailed leveraging their existing brand identity to craft an emotional connection with potential investors via a mobile application presentation.

To secure investment for Pantree, we undertook comprehensive work on several sections of this app. This included creating detailed and engaging user interfaces that effectively demonstrate functionality and appeal.

To further strengthen our pitch, we developed a visual prototype showcasing one of the critical features – scanning products using the app. This allowed us to provide tangible evidence of how user-friendly the app would be to customers and gave investors insight into what they were investing in.

The project was a great success, and we all at Tyme hope they go onto great things and expand into more building lobbies!

Somebody choosing their wish for the next stock
The Pantree Club
Viewing the available stock
Pantree splash screen

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