Making P2P payments easy, cheap and fast. Transfer payments to a loved one, friend or family overseas, all from the palm of your hand.

Somebody using the TruliPay app outside.

Transferring to Loved Ones Oversees, Made Easy.

TruliPay, a visionary fintech startup, approached our agency with a compelling challenge: to create a mobile application enabling Western citizens, starting with the United States, to quickly and cheaply transfer money overseas to their loved ones in developing countries. Empowering global connectivity is an incredible mission, so we had to craft an app that seamlessly bridged geographical and financial gaps while providing an exceptional user experience to both the sender and recipient.


The core problem TruliPay presented was, firstly, a significant gap in the market for a trustworthy and user-friendly mobile app that facilitated international money transfers, especially to developing countries. Existing solutions were often too expensive and needed more transparency than consumers demanded. Secondly, there was a vast opportunity to empower individuals living in the Western world to directly support their family members and friends in developing nations, fostering financial inclusion and reducing the dependence on costly traditional financial services.

A Tyme Infusion

Our agency helped shape TruliPay's vision into a tangible digital product. Our responsibilities encompassed various project stages, from strategic planning to high-fidelity design execution.

Brand Identity

We created a distinctive brand identity to set TruliPay apart in a competitive market and establish trust with users. Drawing inspiration from the fintech sector and globally acclaimed applications known for their reliability, we crafted a unique brand identity that reflected TruliPay's commitment to secure and accessible international money transfers. This brand identity extended beyond the app, envisioning TruliPay as a trusted financial partner.

TruliPay branding on staff tote bags.

Before diving into design, we produced user infused wireframes that laid the foundation for the next stage. The wireframes were designed to be user-friendly and ensure transparency in the money transfer process. We paid close attention to the flow of information, aiming for simplicity and clarity.

Design System

Recognising the diverse landscape of mobile devices, we developed a comprehensive design system that ensured a consistent and delightful user experience across various platforms and screen sizes. The design system also accommodated the potential for future feature enhancements.

High-Fidelity App Designs

The phase involved us centred on creating high-fidelity screens that combined aesthetics with usability. Each screen was designed to be visually appealing while retaining the focus functionality explored in the wireframes.

Sharable QR code for TruliPay members to easily connect.
Profile and transaction history for a non TruliPay contact.
Sending money to a non TP contact, indicates the fee involved and the recipients currency.
Sending money confirmation.

Utilising the brand identity, we approached the website openly, inviting inspiration from the mobile app industry, leading fintech companies and startups; we produced a stylish yet simplistic site to guide users to download the app and answer any questions.

TruliPay homepage.
A user viewing the website's menu.
About page for TruliPay.


By taking a holistic approach encompassing brand identity, user experience design, and high-fidelity screen design, we delivered a high-quality output for TruliPay.

Please note our team wasn't involved in the project's development phase; we purely delivered the design.

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