The ultimate tool for managing your Tesla dashcam and sentry events. With Perception, you can easily view, store, and share your footage with just a few quick taps.

Somebody using the Perception app sat inside an electric car.

Enhancing the Tesla Driver Experience - 1,000+ Satisfied Drivers!

Peslo Studios, an innovative mobile software company focusing on making the world a better place, one app at a time, approached us with an intriguing challenge: enhance the user experience for electric vehicle owners. The founder of Peslo Studios was involved in a 'crash-for-cash' attempt and saw the opportunity to create an application allowing Tesla drivers to access their dashcam footage directly from their mobile devices.

The objective was clear: Design an intuitive app that seamlessly integrates with Tesla's design language. The app would allow users to view, store and share critical events these cameras capture swiftly and conveniently. This solution aimed not only to provide peace of mind for drivers but also serve as valuable evidence during potential insurance disputes or legal issues stemming from road incidents.

This project presented design challenges associated with creating intuitive UX/UI interfaces suitable for diverse user demographics prevalent among Tesla owners.


To start, we crafted a bespoke brand identity for Perception that extended beyond just another app. Inspired by the electric vehicle industry with particular emphasis on Tesla's design language.

The name Perception perfectly aligns with our goal of enabling users to see or become aware of incidents through technological senses similar to a human's perception.

The App


We began to wireframe key screens to deliver optimal usability and efficiency for users interacting with Perception's feature.

Design System

Once nailed, we moved on to building the design system capable of adapting seamlessly across various mobile devices—a critical aspect given today's diverse smartphone and tablet ecosystem.

High Fidelity

Finally, leveraging UX/UI best practices alongside cutting-edge tools such as Figma combined with the expert knowledge of Peslo Studios - our verified partner, we produced high-fidelity screens that seamlessly merged aesthetics with functionality.


In summary, our role encompassed reimagining Ryan's MVP app from the ground up to elevate it to new heights in both UX and UI. From establishing a distinct brand identity inspired by Tesla's design principles through wire-framing optimal user experiences to developing flexible design systems for various devices and creating beautiful high-fidelity screens.

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